The Movies We Made

Over the years, I grabbed all the video I took out in the woods and put it together into three movies. The first two movies “Up to now” and “And Then Some” came out about a year or two apart… Then years later when I moved to BC, I made “Seasons” which also included some snowmobiling and summer fun around the Okanagan. These videos where sold as a fund-raiser to keep the website going at the time as I had to pay for bandwidth and server hosting, and it wasn’t cheap. I now own my own website development and hosting company, so I host this site on my own company server.

I have made these movies freely available now here on this page. Remember, all of this was taken in the late 90’s and early 2000’s so it is not up to today’s Hi Definition standards, but here they are in all their standard 640×480 glory for you to enjoy.

Be sure to also check out and subscribe to the YouTube Channel for a whole bunch more clips and vids from all over.

Movie One: “Up To Now”

You can watch the movie directly on this page (to the right of this text), or you can also choose to download it to your computer for future viewing by clicking here.

A lot of the footage in the start of this video shows the 1981 Bronco I started with before getting into the 79 that would become “The Bogger”. There is also a lot of Wolf359 and White Knight video before the big transformations came in the coming years. It has all/most our video from the start of our offroading adventures until the point that I edited and made the video.

I still laugh out loud at the intro when it first drops.

Movie Two: “And Then Some…”

You can watch the video now on the right… or you can choose to download it to your computer for future viewing by clicking here.

This was the time that most of us really started building our trucks up. The change of the White Knight from the big model blazer to the smaller one with the huge suspension, a precursor to the full tube buggy that comes later. Tim and his Wolf359 truck moving into buggy territory as well. Soon, all three of us would be invited to the 4×4 magazine Top Truck Challenge. Unfortunately the Bogger could not make it to the show due to mainly financial reasons (and getting married!), but White Knight (3rd overall 2004) and Wolf359 (TTC 2002) made some awesome appearances.

Movie Three: “Seasons”

You can watch the video on the right, or you can also choose to download it to your computer for future viewing by clicking here.

After my wife and I moved to the Okanagan (BC) we did a lot of things like ATV’ing, sledding and lake sports, camping and of course, drove to some other events like the Crowsnest Pass Mud Bog…. The Highriders Challenge, and a couple others places. This was the last feature movie I made, and we sold the Bronco a while later. It was in this time that the Top Truck Challenges happened as well.