The Bogginfreaks…

The Bogginfreaks website was created in 1998 and was the most popular off-roading website in Alberta at the time. While we showcased the images and fun times that were had by anyone we came across out there in the woods, we also focused on stewardship in reclamation and taking care of the areas we wheeled in. We participated, encouraged, and sponsored organised cleanups (held by the AURS at the time) and always stayed on the trails and within the off-road areas that were provided by the Province at the time. We, as well as a few of our friends were even invited to the 4 Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenges they use to run. (Do they still run these?)

On this site, you’ll see the very beginning of the White Knight Chevy (Robin and Theresa), Wolf359 Landcruiser (Tim) and our 79 Bronco we just called “The Bogger”. Over the years since, I… and pretty much everyone else that we use to wheel with (Tim, Robin& Theresa etc) have all sold our rigs and moved on.

To this day, I am still getting asked about the 79 Bronco and the Bogginfreaks with interest about the old days… With special interest in the the pictures and videos we have made over that time. So I decided to bring back the Bogginfreaks site in a more “archive” sort of format for the sake of all the really great and fun memories we all had then.

I hope this archive of the old days back in the woods can bring some smiles to your faces! – Mike (AKA Deejay)